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Monday, July 31, 2017

brics talk

brazil leads geren dialogue
s africa how can we get new multilateral orgs that newtork with our people

russia how tranforem brics from goldman scahs fund to peoples sustainbility network
defences issues

q n1 russia can we transfolrm beyond wetsern monoply narrative- "THE INETRANTIONA COMMUNITY THINKS" HOW DO WE MEDIATE BEYOND THE WEST BEING THE ONLY INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY -rt thorny crown - jourmnalism in west is curently in tqatters- west sumrnises rest of worold in its own intersts
brazil yes internet can chnage this for beter or wosre- how do jourmnalists mediate news that can be trusted
us media has been purveyor of fake bews for decades - south africam correspondent - how do we journalist do that; look at what western media barons permit to be free and what is hi-cost sp[eech
can media of brics companies do somethking for each country- can our tv stations do programs in each other countries; how can we do brics talk every yera and for every cluster of nations

media ownership is scary look who owns facebook, google- very toght contrtfoled onwership - we need to cpme with altenremnative media institutions

konstain stepin -

algiriths can be diapapered in plainsigt
brazil we dont have corers[odnents establiehed in beijing - so how do we stirytell from soyurce rtarger than rely on foreign media- 205 orientalism

communuictaion uni of china prof minsu
brazil - langauge issues in terms pf how media connects- costs very expensice to build national media-0 why dont all 5 of our staions cooperate

(rt sbt   cgtn  india ndtv )

9 min siallogu hoisted byb india
we have just had digfficult brdier problem- thanks maturityy of our 2 leaders has put this aside so brics can have a positive space
example of a deescalation in crisis border area
quetsion to china institute of untl studies - should our cpountrues rehtorics of we have beaten oter side - yang xiyu replies ...
in general our chinaese media seraches for translating stoiries from more than one viewp[oint
question to busiebnss leders wuthin brics - to textile company owner was brder dispute lack of trust interfering with your bsuiebnss future  textra pre - chadhap yes big sigh of relief
question to unsedco peace chait - can we realistically have brics workin without india0china - manipal uni - nalapat - if india -china in conflict they lost soem other thrird patrties gain so i was confencbnt modi-0 jinping would sort out good freindships

was brder case over-reaction - china viewpoint (xiu lin where to draw red libne) charles lu - capiatl company - china medi tries to play down brider disputes but outr percemption india media exagerate border problesm- india's view is china is taking ovger policviy around lot of briders that are critical to both of us-  -healines ey on china- india-us polcy --

makena sabc - brics should look for hamrmonius ways to cover conflict stories
prok wenping - what can be done  did we use mecahnism in place so that particula context elarns from ways other disputes resolved

siuth afruca's 9 minute dilaogue
certainlt south and brazil bring extra issues
s africa brazil and maybe russin coming out of recession
jeremy stevebns stabndard advsoiry china - how do ensure recession pressures dont derail positice brucs summit
eg for south africa we have job craetion crisis how can brics help
for china ut may ve rmb internationalisation

question to india as we go into this summit its noit busiess as usual
how mokena sabc is brics for renerating buissness na djobs opportunities
brics needs toi ersolve both political and livehood chalenges
how do we make sure brics isnt just a tal;lsjo
]jouranlsits need to ask hard questions continously not jst at summit

russian - thats retaher idealistic-  brics countries must have sovereigtnty respecvetd and ficus on trade
s africa 1995-2011 - 5 bn to 25 bn trade benefirs for south africa within brice

we need to craete sucesses in vrics that world comes and nencmarks - brics bank can be vital catalyst
- it could be red herring to woirry about other interbational platformsd

q=idhuo china intl radion  - if we can lift ourselves out of poverty and share how we did it - that can be postive case

giresh punjabi restauirant beijing - why do we worry about being like g7
charels liu hao capuiatl 100 mn dolars spent by chuense tourists abroad- toyurists can be amnbassasirs - we can be toiurists ambasdoir across the 5 vrics countries

kn=ont=rbayev - why isnt south africa major partner of china in its biggest indutry strengths
only then morve to ploitical and secirity
tell our own stireis - dont let western media tell our stoiries

does it amter what vrics is as long as we share

===============brazil question
lets talk global warming
why did us gov
brics coiuntrties statemnt still backing agreemnt but is paris cobcoird in jepoardy

harvey dzodin - china daily be careful wghat you wish for yankee go home - vacuum can be filed positive;ly but bad thing is will trump stil lead by time out of climnate concord

are brics countrie perepared for post oli company = queston to russia knosrtant shepin - dont see proble china and russia will trasnition smotth energy trades

both of our countries - too early to only value post olioil company

ok but how is china going to ove beyond being laregst poluter in world- - to liu - has china totaly chnaged toward climate - its tyhe total histry of industrial revolution - so gow do we take shares from history as well as now for green responsibility- i dont agree that we can let usa walk away from this- by way place governors are not walking away in us

we live and bvreatghe thsi air so thats why china will do its bit - wnat to cut down by 65% by 2030 thats higesht goal of any country

what are te technolges of sustaonanilit develoment - are they being fully used is this edia or education or colabration problem -

i hnotice demonising ws=est einar - the only worldwide map for all thsi is belt road process

shw each other regiosn future hoistories - loo internally at coirrutoipin , misuse of nationalism but trade is going to be ehat brings us together othersiwe not sustainable  - ceo vallya - how get started on what intially is more comsly energy but can be both chaper and greener

chinas perstive
usa in many forums has biggest veto power even though its no longer main future econy - so how do we make intl economic governace more equiatble

go back to 2008 fibn crisis  bhatia peking un - trying to ci-create new mechanism eg diferent credit ratoing agencies  ... when brics combined incraesd share of decision in wimf by 6%

joreg wuttke - how do brics poarticipate in these exusting multilaterals
and for euripaena busienss stability important to make decsions

ermakon yencjng schola - how can we develop brics plus

this is one of big item agenda
- 5 af=[dditibnal coubntreis invited to yunderstand brics - egypt guinea mexici - we ask rthe  to hacve samne vakues oipoen inclusivesnes win -win - so why not plus if tey make colaboration freater

brics open inclusive

russian view we have to avoid one size fits akll wetern sunmnits - we can have confklicts withing group as virtal pary of innovating higher order system- what was stiry of rissa being expleeled from g8 - and how do we make sure brics dpoesnt expel--- unbalanced g7 policies - we dint feel comy in g8 whuch has to ersokvle its own problem -historoically g7 was cold awar instirution

india cals for unity and divertysy yin yang- undertstahnd civilidation conections ubnderstand arts conections eg future olynpics--- all brics coubntreis should ecourage more arts cukltures exchnages

south african view - cultural exchnage simportant - how likely are we at brics to conme to one volice on improving multilateral isntitution, cuber sceurity, esutsaoinability devlopment - we hope chia =homework for this summit woill be useful on this

--what learnt from alst 40 minurtes
rusussian ful circle we need a mediu,m to do that it ownt be google and reuters - we have to elad to our successes cases and hinvite evreyone to benchmarl successe

india main elsson so many common intersts oiur 5 countries have- how wo realsie this

southa frica really bneed to teell our own p;oisr=tive storie - then we can tale responsibiklity for ourt interabnl chaneges

brazil - i see all this diversity - all opprortuniteis to elarbn ffpr you - iw ish all ourt vyouth could share in thsi sort of info devbate - tahnsks cgtn cpfr such hard work


track program vishnu poirtuguesee -see you next yera at smae time

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