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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Overview - AIIB Annual Meeting (xi jinping's investment lab with 80 nations)

while i have a lot to learn I have never been able to separate studying the 100000 coworkers of brac's livelihood-education brilliance from its investment brilliance on behalf of poorest girls

this summit sees dialogues led by representation of two fifth of the world's people india and china on changing investment and education so that youth can work on sustainability goals; because of the quick start china made investing in trade routes linking pakistan , uae, suez nations and med sea, this will be the first time that india bangladesh and the corridor east to china's hi-tech coast have been able to share their knowhow and concerns

last years summit in korea was amazing not the least because hundreds of regional female students kept notes of all the investment debates with particular focus on innovations like green solutions and intangibles of peaceful borders

by good fortune the auditor of aiib lives in my washington dc region though most of his work is done out of shanghai and beijing; if you have questions I can introduce him - equally i imagine most of the wise delegates from china including mr fu of hujiang can provide practical contexts- 
from studying a lot of guterres participation in allied summits i believe there need to be connections between aiib and wise@UNGA - furthermore I am told that beijing has organised a survey of the UN eminent committee to ensure that their inputs on SDgoal  connectivities between fintech and edutech are maximally valued

cheers chris macrae -banking on education

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