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Thursday, August 31, 2017

brics strengths and solutions - your 9insight on world

story of china returee - now working kearining reprfsentaion of large scale
zhen liu bytedance nothing more importan t than commns - going to staes age 17 on family exchnage
how and why a family thinks

,acime laring can be intgersting to looacvl auidinece

what peopkle post very diefernt frk chin ainda m9cricket) i to barzil (eg music) -connecting how yoiuyth celebrates sociallyh - in doing global busienss we start with each placves local culture first

other panelsts
founder clothing bank - south africa to end povertty - we work with unemplo6yed mothers
tracey chambers
worst legay of aprtheid education systems - 505 south afrucans dont finsish school - and thise o do attend school nhoit that mjuch beter - so clothing bak aimsd to prove bad education isnt life sdenteice ypu can still run buskienss - so far 700 mothers as entreprenurs
there are other ways to get a livelihood - we teach busienss schools by doing busienss -get them earninbg and nlearing imediately in field

guest from russia
far eastern fed university - vide president - how does worlod work at brkics and g20 level- how communicating
civil brics form moscow 2015
victoria panova vladivostok
in general [eoples dont know much about each otgher
trallatng cuktyres critical
trqanslasting langages kiehls friend
brics 5 leaders becomne frjebds cintinuiusly abnd transkated siwbn to people
small groupo helsp at this stage -0 5 leaders who are frineds]

guest from india
directot at nyu shanghai - parfnets woirking at forein language press in beijing'
interest in ancient interaction of chian and idia
coiuld use hoistir to solve curent disputes
prof tansen sen  china-indai hostorical interaction
deiverse interaction most imprtant thing along the trade routes
chia liteartutre journey to the west - chinese monk to india 7th c diary - your fav stories
history classics bilateral ties persomnal solutions to connecting wuth each pother
\xuanzamg connectivity chinas india]
how statisticians from indua and china learnt from each other in 1950s

knowing india fron the eyes of people

stiry brazil chel soc ent food way rto tacle poverty, diet isues
brazil mexico s africa - now focus chef and scolll community empowrer youth in brazil

david hertz gastmotiva brazil - lak of youth ops who missed school - empower with some polractical skills - food markets grow expoonentially - encoiuyrasging young people to strive fir future - cf jamie oli=ver'

every day guest chefs scooling youth communities in unprivilieged communities partber best chefs - new recipoes from unexpexted soiurces

food aswt hraeart of every culture
how dous food link us - it connecrts us to natur5e - whole peocess distribur=tyion - tghen cooking co-creative teamj- table family recipoes get people togeyher- volunrteers servibng people i am afraod of -- bring things people need

gasto tour - how table can pull us together social diplomacy

whats on dinner tble changing hearts
from indiv stirures to common destiny

with todays tech ai - entering new info erfa zhen liu - share interest axcroiss bidrer - underad and communicat at person to nperson level

prof - why do we have to communiactfe vtghru 3rd part-y tansen sen -right sort olf soc media but has to go bottom up

- s africa how to tell other co,mmunities stories - sa frica isolaed for so manyh uears - bi=eing parts of brics n=brought us together - the more we sgare praical students lear from excvamges - more a.likie than different

prof sebn you been ding exchangews for long time - go beyine ecodevelopmnet

1 cultural deveolopmen tgranslatiobn - hoiw else know about eacvh otger

2 develoop status of wme som=thing 5 cokiubreuis can work on

3rd thibg is narrow poverty gaps

these are opooti=te metrics rthan e=g sto=ckmarket going up

china - whart esle we can do youth entrepenurs of our 5 countrues are fabuloius co-creatirs - very practuica, solve probklems firt their soicieties,m empoiwer ibndividual to imorive coinnectivirties
brazil crisis huge ops but so low leve edu - lots of bnew models

peoplre fromk outside are u 5 coubtrues really making deep collab happen

russia of soiyrecwhen we started we wi=ere all grwoiing - actallu noiw 2 griwing 3 plateued new opprtunity to leoarn from each other
this is a networmn thatt is 5-d=suided peopels helpoing each other -we al want ti rface ti equaklity and fairness

one cricuial ssue

india poverty is cruc=ial issue - we could all work on

s africa major issue is social inequality and slowing economy - need to chnage education form age of 2 and socia,k jstice

bvrazil - big promem is educatuon for lifelong ahnd for everyone

russia - had difficult relatiisbn we awnat to mend - trying toi btarfnsfer from carbon toi duiversified ecoinomies - we can helpo each oether transitin

chian ibcraese conecities betwen city and rural people; enougth tools and apps for epopel in coubntruside to sokve their onw problems

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