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Thursday, August 31, 2017


BRICS good news tour 1  2 rsvp
young institutional opportunity to explore brics have more 21st economic impact than g7 and to go further with brics plus
-actions- innovation space; common tech platform; unique areas of mutual benefit; bring down tariff bariers/bureaucracies at borders- coordinate with belt and road lead nations connections

BRICS Summit: President Xi says innovation key strength for development

  • 10 months ago
The eighth summit of the emerging-market bloc of BRICS, grouping Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has begun in the ...

practical issue dear professor cheng li- your book (1 jinping rejuvenation diary) said xi jinping wanted the right sort of meeting with pope francis; i will assume china has worked out how- i just mention our youth networks in baltimore are inspired by leaders who have a direct 30-year friendships with pope francis  and their main youth correspondent in rome is vatican university youth ambassador for arts summits-  i also find it fascinating that pope francis is scheduling a tour of myanmar and bangladesh nov 27 to dec 2; at and sir fazle abed's 80th birthday party 2 chinese graduates were asked to form quarterbillingirls newsletter between china and bangladesh - bangladesh has been the subcontinent lab for leapfrog model of mobile and microsolar since 1996 with expert help from mit boston and self washington dc

China Global2.0 summits 1-2-3-BRICS
china's Jinping and over 50 thinktanks and pretty much all of the country's greatest digital wizards have now hosted at least 4 global 2.0 summit -each launching huge solution and connection networks for china and globally sustainable youth to network

China g20 (first 20 leaders summits after new sustainability goals) see the ALIvision of how SMEs matter in every sustainable market sector and can help youth use digital to leapfrog beyond carbon ruled age

Belt and Road - 30 national leaders and the big 3 bretton wood multilaterals start mapping every region of worlds connectivities -taking several regional spaces as benchmarks including
1 inside China - how does each supercity connect and integrate taobao and youth serve rural china
2 across eastern hemisphere since 1946 inventor of fast trains, superports, quality needed for electronics, extraordinary civil engineering- compare mit architecture faculty's decision to rebrand themselves as hub of new media labs- tsinghua-mit now largest mooc platform in world
3 every development region and win-win long-term investments in youth

aiib 2017 jeju korea connected 80 nation delegations in what future bank/fund relationships do we want- taking example korea launched of what banking will 2000 place governors and youth networks of green big bang club need... preparing for aiib mumbai 2018 -india's biggest world leaders event now that it has passes g20 in 2019 over to japan

in this context brics is an opportunity for the world to explore a lead partnership of china's with every hemisphere
would could be greatest win-wins for global 2.0 of
china and india -each one seventh of world
china and russia
china and south africa
china and brazil

to help widen the latin american debate mexico has been invited to join in; widen africa debate with leader of egypt and guinea (who is current chair of african union).  thailand invited to deepen asean connections; tazikstan to deepen eurasian belt road

one big question from student class 2017-2018 is how much support would franciscans like in convening argentina g20 summer 2018 - recalling pope francis leads moral authority of seventh of world and belief in climate crisis see his encyclical- pope has been world class challenger of eu oldification model which is in direct conflict with summits valuing youths sustainability

diaries are tipping into each other- Jinpings most vital internal summit in china is on
18 october national congress

let us hope n korean issues can take 2 months coolout

we invite the world's most curious youth to raise question on rejuvenation economies at 20 informal economist blogs - when my father joined The Economist in 1947 as its keynsian end poverty correspondent  the only qualification journalists were expected to have was extreme open positive curiosity- having served as teenager in world war 2 navigating RAF planes over modernday bangladesh and myanmar and marrying the daughter of the scottish raj judge in mumbai who mediated gandhi for 25 years before writing up legalese oif independence of india, youthful curiosity was the one ability my father brought to media and economics

I dont really know how to find optimal youth to pick up the baton the Sino-English Youth Economies but so far every young chinese person i have met has been outstanding

thanks chris macrae
norman macrae foundation DC 240 316 8157

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