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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

mid east

misperception of risk - assets keep growing in intra 

very smart idea

well designed aset projects keep pn grwoing connecton impact - who owns it may go up /down- lady says if isa in midldle of project often most zigs

country risks are ccmbinatorial - so many factors come ito play - huge urgent demands for infra in deve countries but ofthen that are nor long term sustainable by government bonds - conversely infatrstucture can be proxy for place without gov bond
issues like regulations, persmits , chnage in politics make a well designed project look short-term basdly implementd but if in right place and if wat doesnts coe still whasts needed; issue so much moey chasing these projects

yesd yes

aiib sesssion moderator of thsi fascinating issue

briliant sesssion first hosted 7am 10/27

Partnering with Middle Eastern Institutional Investors in Financing Sustainable Infrastructure in Emerging Asia and Beyond

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