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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

scottish views of history also explain climate extinction

how scots saw 1843-1743 read prspectus of economist 1843; adam smith schlatrs on his 1758 book moral sentiments - before that his journey starting glasgow university at age 14 going to oxford ads graduate for 6 yera age 17 - retururning to edinburgh to present talks on morals opposite to the empire monoploy at oxford- see paper by andrew skinner in galsgow university's journal oif enw economics vol 1 2021 brough out to monitor 2021 to exinction

1943-1843 read centenary bio of teh economist

LAST CHANCE SEARCHES FOR SUSTAINABILITY TALISMAN: surviving ww2 being teenager in bomber command stationed in today's myanmar .over 50 years my father norman macrae teased fellow journalists at The Economists- most history is bunk

- Ididn't get how many historians sponsored by famous men omit whom was genocided, colonised trapped in poverty by the big get bigger: it was only in his last year when he asked me to promise to visit bangladesh until I began to see - I now realsie that scottish followers of adam smith since his teen years in 1740s have kept diaries on how wrong it is to believe there is a right way to command todays' 7.5 billion peoples; at best good ways need to be as local as possible - at we include a few references to half century views of adam smith followers which seem to be useful if you were born into a place colonised by london (including one that still is glasgow as ironically we host 197 nations without being one ourselves) - at the moment all of scotland aks you follow gb - un special envoy for education - see his dubai-un summit december 2021 and wish him luck with his service of who's attempt to democratse vaciination worldwide

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