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Thursday, August 31, 2017

you may have heard the world biggest broadcaster today invited 5 nations broadcasters to debate what they thought youth and families wanted mediated to be sustainable

while the transcripts still to come are long- below are a top 7 issues 

regarding issue 3 - this connects with agendas of both stefnaos and al in baltimore- eseentially food and arts are microfrabnchises you vcan design in one place then multiply anywhere communities want to come together
-stefanos please could you see if your celebrity chedf who did undrcover boss knows of 
Gastromotiva its the centre of community food big bang as china aree concrned but if he has his own netwirks how do we fan those

 head of the world bank reponsible for franciscan regions of latin america once i get to beijing i think i know who i need to check what good news to first- thre popes trip to bangladesh in 8 weeks is very good news for girls empowerment journalim which we have connected since 2007- daniel is there anyone left at columbia uni where you learnt jiyurnalism who would be interested in this biggest change journalism and education story ever told 

7 smartest questions media ever posed

1 why is tomorrows world still media monopolised by a g7 who gained most from past era of guzzling carbon? which of these 7 countries  US Germany UK Spain Italy France Japan has tried hardest to jump away from big carbon macroecomics

2 how did euro union become another fixture of destroying youth livelihoods in what is now G7+EU?

3 what is youth - especially poorest girls -ask most for as being more affrodable to learn- which practice experts actually want to help youth rejuvenate communities - eg chefs movement goal 100 million nutritious livelihoods with local produce ..connectors of green big bang clubs first 2000 societies to thrive round carbon zero

4  IF 5 countries could meet annually to debate how to rejuvenate 21st and go beyond carbon, whcih would worldwide youth choose first to interact with?

5 what extraordinary metacollaboration projects could these 5 countries host and invite other countries who want to go green or celebarte youth livelihoods to benchmark

6 all global leadership summits segment in 2 opposite ways - global 1.0 talk shops for command and control, global 2.0 empowerment p;rocesses that create action networking solutions for youth to linkin- which is which - and which nations are freeing their youth to culturally exchange with the sustainble generation summits

7 why does the un host an education summit with 30 leader declaring half of all youth will be unemployable by 2030 unless we chnage education which within a year has turned into how we get more finance for old education

for more visit news and economics explain futures - help sustainable youth find good ones in a weeks time or if you want to co-edit this blog say so now -if you are not alowed to see blog try or tell us to send you raw transcripts

chris macrae  est 1962

brics strengths and solutions - your 9insight on world

story of china returee - now working kearining reprfsentaion of large scale
zhen liu bytedance nothing more importan t than commns - going to staes age 17 on family exchnage
how and why a family thinks

,acime laring can be intgersting to looacvl auidinece

what peopkle post very diefernt frk chin ainda m9cricket) i to barzil (eg music) -connecting how yoiuyth celebrates sociallyh - in doing global busienss we start with each placves local culture first

other panelsts
founder clothing bank - south africa to end povertty - we work with unemplo6yed mothers
tracey chambers
worst legay of aprtheid education systems - 505 south afrucans dont finsish school - and thise o do attend school nhoit that mjuch beter - so clothing bak aimsd to prove bad education isnt life sdenteice ypu can still run buskienss - so far 700 mothers as entreprenurs
there are other ways to get a livelihood - we teach busienss schools by doing busienss -get them earninbg and nlearing imediately in field

guest from russia
far eastern fed university - vide president - how does worlod work at brkics and g20 level- how communicating
civil brics form moscow 2015
victoria panova vladivostok
in general [eoples dont know much about each otgher
trallatng cuktyres critical
trqanslasting langages kiehls friend
brics 5 leaders becomne frjebds cintinuiusly abnd transkated siwbn to people
small groupo helsp at this stage -0 5 leaders who are frineds]

guest from india
directot at nyu shanghai - parfnets woirking at forein language press in beijing'
interest in ancient interaction of chian and idia
coiuld use hoistir to solve curent disputes
prof tansen sen  china-indai hostorical interaction
deiverse interaction most imprtant thing along the trade routes
chia liteartutre journey to the west - chinese monk to india 7th c diary - your fav stories
history classics bilateral ties persomnal solutions to connecting wuth each pother
\xuanzamg connectivity chinas india]
how statisticians from indua and china learnt from each other in 1950s

knowing india fron the eyes of people

stiry brazil chel soc ent food way rto tacle poverty, diet isues
brazil mexico s africa - now focus chef and scolll community empowrer youth in brazil

david hertz gastmotiva brazil - lak of youth ops who missed school - empower with some polractical skills - food markets grow expoonentially - encoiuyrasging young people to strive fir future - cf jamie oli=ver'

every day guest chefs scooling youth communities in unprivilieged communities partber best chefs - new recipoes from unexpexted soiurces

food aswt hraeart of every culture
how dous food link us - it connecrts us to natur5e - whole peocess distribur=tyion - tghen cooking co-creative teamj- table family recipoes get people togeyher- volunrteers servibng people i am afraod of -- bring things people need

gasto tour - how table can pull us together social diplomacy

whats on dinner tble changing hearts
from indiv stirures to common destiny

with todays tech ai - entering new info erfa zhen liu - share interest axcroiss bidrer - underad and communicat at person to nperson level

prof - why do we have to communiactfe vtghru 3rd part-y tansen sen -right sort olf soc media but has to go bottom up

- s africa how to tell other co,mmunities stories - sa frica isolaed for so manyh uears - bi=eing parts of brics n=brought us together - the more we sgare praical students lear from excvamges - more a.likie than different

prof sebn you been ding exchangews for long time - go beyine ecodevelopmnet

1 cultural deveolopmen tgranslatiobn - hoiw else know about eacvh otger

2 develoop status of wme som=thing 5 cokiubreuis can work on

3rd thibg is narrow poverty gaps

these are opooti=te metrics rthan e=g sto=ckmarket going up

china - whart esle we can do youth entrepenurs of our 5 countrues are fabuloius co-creatirs - very practuica, solve probklems firt their soicieties,m empoiwer ibndividual to imorive coinnectivirties
brazil crisis huge ops but so low leve edu - lots of bnew models

peoplre fromk outside are u 5 coubtrues really making deep collab happen

russia of soiyrecwhen we started we wi=ere all grwoiing - actallu noiw 2 griwing 3 plateued new opprtunity to leoarn from each other
this is a networmn thatt is 5-d=suided peopels helpoing each other -we al want ti rface ti equaklity and fairness

one cricuial ssue

india poverty is cruc=ial issue - we could all work on

s africa major issue is social inequality and slowing economy - need to chnage education form age of 2 and socia,k jstice

bvrazil - big promem is educatuon for lifelong ahnd for everyone

russia - had difficult relatiisbn we awnat to mend - trying toi btarfnsfer from carbon toi duiversified ecoinomies - we can helpo each oether transitin

chian ibcraese conecities betwen city and rural people; enougth tools and apps for epopel in coubntruside to sokve their onw problems

ideas from brazil on brics  -chiar brazil plus chna forum-- interview the point 8/31

brazil ready to move forward on some bgest for world future projects

china already biggest trade partner

 but both china and india huge grains- food markets cmatching huge brazil agri capacity

brazil would love to connect wth etgch platofrms of india and china

brazil sees brics as promising future pkaces across hemispheres - for example brics could take world collaboration klead on climate oslution /action networks

expect great summit

brics has potential to do so mjch  more ( where will bruics plus go that clusters of nations run by bretton wood structures cantg quickly innovate with youth)


BRICS good news tour 1  2 rsvp
young institutional opportunity to explore brics have more 21st economic impact than g7 and to go further with brics plus
-actions- innovation space; common tech platform; unique areas of mutual benefit; bring down tariff bariers/bureaucracies at borders- coordinate with belt and road lead nations connections

BRICS Summit: President Xi says innovation key strength for development

  • 10 months ago
The eighth summit of the emerging-market bloc of BRICS, grouping Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has begun in the ...

practical issue dear professor cheng li- your book (1 jinping rejuvenation diary) said xi jinping wanted the right sort of meeting with pope francis; i will assume china has worked out how- i just mention our youth networks in baltimore are inspired by leaders who have a direct 30-year friendships with pope francis  and their main youth correspondent in rome is vatican university youth ambassador for arts summits-  i also find it fascinating that pope francis is scheduling a tour of myanmar and bangladesh nov 27 to dec 2; at and sir fazle abed's 80th birthday party 2 chinese graduates were asked to form quarterbillingirls newsletter between china and bangladesh - bangladesh has been the subcontinent lab for leapfrog model of mobile and microsolar since 1996 with expert help from mit boston and self washington dc

China Global2.0 summits 1-2-3-BRICS
china's Jinping and over 50 thinktanks and pretty much all of the country's greatest digital wizards have now hosted at least 4 global 2.0 summit -each launching huge solution and connection networks for china and globally sustainable youth to network

China g20 (first 20 leaders summits after new sustainability goals) see the ALIvision of how SMEs matter in every sustainable market sector and can help youth use digital to leapfrog beyond carbon ruled age

Belt and Road - 30 national leaders and the big 3 bretton wood multilaterals start mapping every region of worlds connectivities -taking several regional spaces as benchmarks including
1 inside China - how does each supercity connect and integrate taobao and youth serve rural china
2 across eastern hemisphere since 1946 inventor of fast trains, superports, quality needed for electronics, extraordinary civil engineering- compare mit architecture faculty's decision to rebrand themselves as hub of new media labs- tsinghua-mit now largest mooc platform in world
3 every development region and win-win long-term investments in youth

aiib 2017 jeju korea connected 80 nation delegations in what future bank/fund relationships do we want- taking example korea launched of what banking will 2000 place governors and youth networks of green big bang club need... preparing for aiib mumbai 2018 -india's biggest world leaders event now that it has passes g20 in 2019 over to japan

in this context brics is an opportunity for the world to explore a lead partnership of china's with every hemisphere
would could be greatest win-wins for global 2.0 of
china and india -each one seventh of world
china and russia
china and south africa
china and brazil

to help widen the latin american debate mexico has been invited to join in; widen africa debate with leader of egypt and guinea (who is current chair of african union).  thailand invited to deepen asean connections; tazikstan to deepen eurasian belt road

one big question from student class 2017-2018 is how much support would franciscans like in convening argentina g20 summer 2018 - recalling pope francis leads moral authority of seventh of world and belief in climate crisis see his encyclical- pope has been world class challenger of eu oldification model which is in direct conflict with summits valuing youths sustainability

diaries are tipping into each other- Jinpings most vital internal summit in china is on
18 october national congress

let us hope n korean issues can take 2 months coolout

we invite the world's most curious youth to raise question on rejuvenation economies at 20 informal economist blogs - when my father joined The Economist in 1947 as its keynsian end poverty correspondent  the only qualification journalists were expected to have was extreme open positive curiosity- having served as teenager in world war 2 navigating RAF planes over modernday bangladesh and myanmar and marrying the daughter of the scottish raj judge in mumbai who mediated gandhi for 25 years before writing up legalese oif independence of india, youthful curiosity was the one ability my father brought to media and economics

I dont really know how to find optimal youth to pick up the baton the Sino-English Youth Economies but so far every young chinese person i have met has been outstanding

thanks chris macrae
norman macrae foundation DC 240 316 8157

Monday, August 21, 2017

Lead I-Bank
Country & project, tot$
Other partners

Aiib  in 18 short months up to june 2017 JEU, asian infrastructure investmet bank has become favorite bank of 80 nations delegations concerned with intergenerational development
 total 106 mn$ Cooperation Corridor 3 that spans almost 7,000 kilometers from the Russian Federation in the north to the Persian Gulf in the south. The 62-km highway passes through two major economic areas - the Gissar Valley and the town of Tursunzade
 with european reconstruction bank
 165 mn$- benefit 2.5 mn rural and up to 12.5 mn

 transport corridor between Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Multan, ensuring enhanced connectivity between the various parts of Pakistan, and will help facilitate regional trade from Central Asia to the seaports of Gwadar and Karachi
 yotal 273 mb $ with asian dev bank

 tructure investments for up to 154 cities
 532 mn$ with world bank

Pakistan tarbela hydropower extension

Myanmar myingyan power plant

Oman preparing railway to link superport

Oman duqm port and science park

Azerbaijan Anatolian hna gas pipeline

Indonesia Reg Inv Proj1

Indonesia Dam op improvement

Bangaldesh  natural gas infrastructure

Georgia batumi road

India power for all

Indis infrastructure fund

Najikstann Nrek hydro power

India Gufarat rural roads
 350 mn $