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Saturday, February 27, 2016

change learning

yesterday King introduced amy and I to jayfus off -his extraordinary business and netwrk of tech wizards who also are entering an zprize team one day event in DC on i thin 1 april

as you probably know i see learning as make or break to all youth futures especially across the potential 3 super cities 
san diego and LA(where xprize is headquartered)
baltimore and DC
new york

a couple of months ago amy and I accompanied john and jose to an xprize event in new yor

speakers and organisations that I would lie to follow up if anyone sees any opportunities to do so are

Jake Schwarz co-founder General Assembly Jake Schwartz Bio
Jonathan Harbor co-founder EdgeTech

I have never found my way round xprize community forum - if anyone as found an effective way to populate it please say XPRIZE Community