aiib /ndb ...aiib energy paper ..welcome from & -which collaboration summits do sustainable youth need to be connect?
AIIB 018 mumbai: worlds most trusted partnerships eg ending slums (indonesia) see also world bank annual 2018; infrastructures for trade win-win- 80 national delegations benchmarking with asia : -017 jeju:home of green big bang by 2000 place governors; reforest .. Belt Road- biannual summits - 2017 with 30 national leaders and un world bank imf- combinations of up to 11 regions map each others progress in infrastructure, cultural exchanges and more
BRICS plus- benchmark most exciting collaboration projects 5 growing nations can search - which nations want to join the 5

special G20 2016 china ; 2018 argentina 2019 tokyo

happy tech spaces - olympics tokyo;
digital gateways

watch out for next 3 ecoomerce summits for world leaders and china import/export expo
...within region FOOTPRINT eg china 5 years summit oct 18 2017 -19th national congress:- dialogue keys include
review international maps
advance 4 comprehensives charter rejuvenation

appoint next 5 year leadership team - lots of new appointemnts at very top level due to 67 year age rule
how will china end poverty by 2020?eg 3000 students from brics nations in china to network ideas......................scrc-assn..............................................
previously blog searched for friends - cgtn keys win-win
Ted Leonsis owner of DC's hockey and basketball teams says sports can give back a lot more - and aims to show how in supercity dc-baltimore

Saturday, February 27, 2016

change learning

yesterday King introduced amy and I to jayfus off -his extraordinary business and netwrk of tech wizards who also are entering an zprize team one day event in DC on i thin 1 april

as you probably know i see learning as make or break to all youth futures especially across the potential 3 super cities 
san diego and LA(where xprize is headquartered)
baltimore and DC
new york

a couple of months ago amy and I accompanied john and jose to an xprize event in new yor

speakers and organisations that I would lie to follow up if anyone sees any opportunities to do so are

Jake Schwarz co-founder General Assembly Jake Schwartz Bio
Jonathan Harbor co-founder EdgeTech

I have never found my way round xprize community forum - if anyone as found an effective way to populate it please say XPRIZE Community

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