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Saturday, September 2, 2017

BRICS ND Bank issues first 1.4 billion dollar loans
460 mn $ Russia IT for “Development of the Judiciary System in Russia in 2013-2020”.
470mn dollar India rural drinking water supply scheme in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

cgtn brics business

main english segments of this video
2,42 brics our shared expectations
5.00 role of brics in world economy - our innovation demands from and interactions with old multilateral (funding and global rules ) institutions
8.58 brics business forum goal of partnerships for brighter future has 4 main dialogue themes
first state of world's trade and investment - back to growth but with specific vulnerabilities= positive role brics can play eg in preventing protectionism creeping around globe- focus on brics countries bright prospects to iluminate wider world

Live: BRICS Business Forum introduction briefing 金砖峰会工商论坛新闻发布会

  • Streamed 2 hours ago
Organizers present the agenda for the BRICS Business Forum which will be held on the sidelines of the 9th BRICS Summit in ...
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1430 financial coperation - how brics new developmentg bank wil elad way with benchmark projecst; how we negotiate partnershiso with all sorts of funding institutions for sustainability- our 5 countries offer large space for finacial cooperation and entrep-rsie experimentation
1930 3rd is conectivity not just rail and road and pipelines but people exchnages and sociaal cultural celebration- fusion of dialogues between giv business and citizem metworks; practical people-oriented silutiosn to eg vusas
2420 blue economy- all brics countries have coastlines- not just development of superports but also momentum marine tourism, new energy. sea water utilisation ,equipment mannufacting and how brics countries can cooperate with more advanced countries tech on bljue economy – strengthen cooperation in ways only brics can catalyse with worldwide postive impacts
  1. Guinea eyes poverty relief, flexible infrastructure funding from the BRICS summit

    • 2 days ago
    Africa is key on BRICS' business agenda, as the continent needs more flexible funding for infrastructure. CGTN spoke to Guinea's ...
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