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Saturday, March 7, 2020

back from future diary dc 7 march 2020 in a world temporarily drowning in corona i wanted to celebrate some of my happiest future memories - if you have ones to share - always on linkedin womens washington dc

 i had great privilege of attending aiib summit in jeju south korea 2017 and i quickly chatted with the former head of the ifc jin yong-cai- do you know him - see he has reassembled with jim yong kim

if the travel world permits i am all in to observe aiib july 2020 beijing- i believe president jin and professor jin are the most trusted bankers and youth economist across eurasia and david alexander is the most interesting brit- i dont know how to get their alumni to contribute to glasgow adam smith and cop26 scholars though i assume ban-ki moon coalitions at Global Center on Adaptation dc partner world resources -adaptation is the new profession assessing risk to biggest corporations of the natural resources they think they own until nature corrects them- from 2 summits at unctad, it seems swiss and luxembourg bankers sponsor this new auditing

RELEASE: Global Leaders Call for Urgent Action on Climate ... › news › 2019/09 › release-global-leaders-call-urgent-ac...
Sep 9, 2019 - The Commission is led by Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary General of the United ... Ottawa, Canada; Wainibuka, Fiji; Washington DC, United States; and more. ... by the Global Center on Adaptation and World Resources Institute.

 are part of the bigger picture - if the tokyo olympics goes ahead its essential to continue flows between eg mayors of tokyo glasgow and beijing -schwarzman scholars -chen jining - can help bridge that as i hope can ten cent's yidan branch and un's hanson out of hong kong

because my father norman macrae was awarded japan emperors order of rising sun -and wrote a couple of speeches for prince charles- some japanese friends understand that the sino-japan relationship is absolutely critical to all 2020s youth- i so hope abe and xi jinping meet before aiib and olympics july- thats the only axis that can steady the world until the west decides it values youth again

i dont know any of the above people well but try and study everything they do and explain it to teachers and students who co-blog at spaces like 2025now- The Economist 1984 : 2025 = last year sustainability  - any advice you have on who else to track would be great  -my systems hypothesis- there is zero chance of human sustainability if we cant help chinese and english speaking youth use all this technology at community sustaining levels

best chris macrae 240 316 8157 bethesda

ps i am just part of 4 generations of diaspora scots who mainly lived and worked across asia - national bipolar politics i dont  understand- cultures and hi-trust media of world class nations i try and find win-wins between after 40 years as a MA stats corpus christi cambridge- i recommend we need to map a worldwide cultural revolution so that youth and educators get it done

-just my 5 cents worth

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